This is the next revolution.
RACT and Ready.


Rifle & Shotgun Lock

Be the first to know when we launch! 
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This is the next revolution.
RACT and Ready.


Be the first to know when we launch!
We will select a winner for a free giveaway.

Supports Rifles and Shotguns

Ultimate Firearm Security

Heavy-duty testing planned.

Mounts on wall or flat area.

Vara Fingerprint Sensor

Unlocks in 0.3 seconds

Stores up to 10 fingerprints

Works with lights,

grips, and scopes.

Made for rapid protection

RACT unlocks your firearm at a touch of a fingerprint. You grab your gun and it unlocks in 0.3 seconds. It uses our reliable Vara sensor trusted by thousands of our REACH customers for its speed and accuracy.

No more worries about running in the dark to your safe or fumbling under your bed or in your closet. Simply grab, unlock, and protect your home.

Unlock time: 0.3 seconds

RACT has a fingerprint sensor on the top of the front barrel lock.  Placing your finger here will pop the latch open, allowing fast access. RACT comes with a steel rail to mount securely to a wall.

Designed to be nearby

RACT has an internal backup battery that will last 12 months, giving you more flexibility in mounting options and peace of mind.

Backup battery life: 12 months

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The Advantage

The fastest and most reliable biometrics.


to unlock

Other Rifle Safes (fast time = 5 seconds)

RACT (0.3 seconds)

Now we are ready for pre-production
and beta-testing with our early customers.

The engineering team at Vara went through over 10 different prototypes and tested with police departments.

The Process

Tech Specs

Size & Weight:





28 x 5 x 3.5 in / approx 5 lbs

6000-series anodized aluminum
Steel locking bar
Stainless steel rail system

12 month battery life
USB to 5V DC

Unlocks in 0.3 seconds
256 true values per pixel
Full ESD protection to 30kV

Rifles and shotguns